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 Car Wash & Detailing      
Is your car very dirty or does it need especial attention on any particular spot? When contacting us, let us know of your specific needs so that we can allocate enough time to attend your needs.
   Small / Compact cars Small 4x4 / Medium Sedan Lrg Sedan / Lrg 4x4 / Van
Top Wash* $70 $75 $80
- High pressure clean wheels and wheel arches
- Clean door jambs
- Vacuum interior (seats, carpets, boot and ashtrays)
- Clean dashboard, door trims and centre console
- Gloss tyres and exterior trims
- Clean all windows, inside and out

*Minimum of two cars for wash services outside our standard coverage area. In case we cannot service your area, we will be more than happy to refer another detailer in your area.
Top Wash & Wax (Mini Detail) $140 $160 $180
- Top Wash +
- Hand application of wax (natural wax or synthetic sealant)

Top Wash recommends this service every 3 months to keep your car's paintwork always shiny and protected against the elements.
Interior Detail (2, 5 or 7  seats) $120 (2) / $150 (5) / $180 (7)
Complete interior cleaning package including:
- A very thorough vacuum cleaning;
- Plastic trims, centre console and dashboard cleaned and polished;
- Carpets (including boot), seats and mats are shampooed and/or steamed to remove any spills, stains and other marks;
- Leather interiors are cleaned and conditioned to bring back that fresh leather scent and look;
- Interior deodorised;
- Roof lining is spot cleaned to remove finger prints and minor stains.
Pre-Sale Detail $240 $260 $280
- Top Wash & Wax +
- Interior Detail +
- Engine Detail

Our pre-sale service will leave your car gleaming, making it attractive to the prospective buyers while increasing its value.
Full Detail $280 $300 $330
- Top Wash +
- Cut & Polish +
- Interior Detail +
- Engine Detail

Our full detail service will bring a poorly maintained car back to a very presentable condition and a well maintained car back to showroom condition, restoring its shine while making the interior look like new again.
Regular Car Care      
Want to enjoy hassle free motoring for a very competitive subscription price? Our Regular Car Care packages are offered to anyone living or working in the Sydney CBD, Northern Beaches or Eastern Suburbs (or suburbs between these areas, like Mosman, Cremorne, Neutral Bay, North Sydney, etc).
We will look after your car for you, keeping it clean and protected at your home or office, while you get on with your life, completely undisturbed.
   Small / Compact cars Small 4x4 / Medium Sedan Lrg sedan / Lrg 4x4 / Van
Monthly Car Care Program
(minimum 6 months subscription)
$65/mth $70/mth $75/mth
This program offers the minimum recommended car cosmetic maintenance, recommended for vehicles not used for daily commuting.
Fortnightly Car Care Program
(minimum 6 months subscription)
$130/4wks $140/4wks $150/4wks
This program is recommended for cars that are used for daily commuting and/or submitted to a regular use.
Weekly Car Care Program
(minimum 6 months subscription)
$255/4wks $280/4wks $300/4wks
This program offers the best cosmetic maintenance for your car and will keep it always looking like new.
Buff & Polish services      
Each polishing stage means that a different level of cutting compound is being used. A heavy cutting compound will remove deeper marks from the paintwork, however it will leave marring marks that will need to be removed by adding another stage with a lighter cutting compound.

Services listed under this section DO NOT include interior cleaning.
   Small / Compact cars Small 4x4 / Medium Sedan Lrg sedan / Lrg 4x4 / Van
Cut & Polish (single stage machine polish) $180 $200 $220
Single stage machine polish with cutting compound followed by the application of wax/sealant.

This service is recommended to bring back the shine and remove minor swirls and scratches of well maintained paintworks, leaving a long lasting, smooth and light reflective finish.
Although it will typically remove light marks such as rubbing marks, minor surface scratches, marks left by tree sap and light swirl marks, this service does not involve heavy compounding and therefore there is no guarantee that all marks will be removed.
Stage Two Polish (two stages of machine polish) $280 $300 $320
Two stages of machine polishing followed by the application of a wax/sealant. On this service, two different levels of cutting compounds are used:  a heavier compound to remove marks and a light compound to achieve a perfect finish.

Recommended for cars with mildly damaged paintwork, including swirls, water spots, rubbing marks, light scratches, or faded/dull paint caused by sun exposure and oxidation. This service includes an exterior wash followed by a paint decontamination process to remove dirt and pollutants particles that get stuck to the vehicle's paint over time.

You will be very impressed with the result!
Surface Protection
   Small / Compact cars Small 4x4 / Medium Sedan Lrg sedan / Lrg 4x4 / Van
Paint Protection $700 $750 $800
Our paint protection service is sold as a complete package, including preparation work and paint protection application on painted panels, wheels faces and windows. There are no extra or hidden charges for new or well maintained used vehicles.

This service offers the maximum paintwork protection without the hassle of having products reapplied every few months. Top Wash uses Gyeon Q2 MOHS, the latest technology in paint protection, also known as "coating".

Gyeon Q2 MOHS is a quartz coating that does not degrade when in contact with strong chemical agents, and does not oxidise or fade when exposed to the elements. What that means is that, even if washed with truck wash and/or always parked in the weather, Gyeon Q2 MOHS will not wear off or lose shine.

Gyeon Q2 MOHS is a permanent paint protection solution backed up by a 5 year warranty both for new vehicles and used vehicles. For further information, please visit the Gyeon Q2 MOHS  website.

We recommend this service to be executed on new vehicles. In case of used cars, we suggest that this service is combined with one of our polish services listed above, to remove any marks and damages from the car's paintwork, avoiding sealing them in underneath the paint protecting layer.
Fabric & Leather Protection (2, 5 or 7  seats) $100 (2) / $150 (5) / $190 (7)
Our fabric and leather protection service protects the interior of your car against spills and dirt, by adding a water and dirt repellent layer that will avoid spills and dirt to penetrate the fabric leaving stains. The leather protection seals the leather surface reducing the chances of stains from rubbing dark coloured clothes against the seats. Depending on usage, this protection will last between 12 (driver's seat) and 24 months (other seats). This service is a must for light coloured leather interiors!

We recommend this service to be executed on a newly purchased car. In case of older cars, we suggest that this service is combined with our Interior Detail
service, to avoid any dirt mark or stain to be sealed in under the protecting layer.
Convertible Roof Protection $190 (any car size)
The convertible roof protection service will completely clean your convertible roof and protect it like new. A especialized fabric roof cleaning product is used to lift and suspend oils, grease, fall out and dirt from the roof to remove stains and restore the roof to new condition. The roof's surface is then treated to restore its lost water repellency and stain repellency to factory new levels, whilst protecting against the sun�s harmful UV rays.
Motorcycle services    
  Road <500cc / Scooter Sports / Sports Tourer Cruiser / Custom / Lrg Tourer
Motorcycle Full Detail $180 $220 $280
Full motorcycle detailing including Wash + engine degrease + polishing all painted fairings (metal or plastic) + leather conditioner on the seat, saddle bags, etc, and light metal polishing for maintenance and protection.

Bikes needing heavy chrome/alloy polishing to remove oxidation will be assessed before the service starts and price may vary according to the bike's condition.
Truck services    
Truck Wash* from $120 (sml trucks)
High pressure shampoo wash

*Minimum two trucks for wash services outside the Sydney CBD, Northern Beaches, North Shore, or Eastern Suburbs areas. In case we cannot service your area, we will be more than happy to refer another detailer in your area.
Truck Full Detail from $350 (sml trucks)
Full truck detailing including High pressure degreaser shampoo + 'Upholstery Cleaning' + 'Single Stage Polish'. This service is recommended to remove tar, road grime and bugs from your truck's paintwork and bring back the paint shine leaving a long lasting, smooth and light reflective finish.
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Sydney, NSW
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Standard coverage area:
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For multiple vehicles or big services, please call to check our extended coverage.